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About cyclodextrin you need to know

1, With so many cyclodextrins, what is the difference?

2, Why are there so many cyclodextrin derivatives?

  • Natural β-cyclodextrin has molecular hydrogen bonds, which limit its solubility in water. β-cyclodextrin has the lowest cost, and functional group modification of beta-cyclodextrin, such as hydroxypropyl-beta-cyclodextrin, A Gibita cyclodextrin and sulfobutyl-β-cyclodextrin break the molecular hydrogen bond, increase the solubility of cyclodextrin, and reduce nephrotoxicity. The modified cyclodextrin is actually a different point. The substituted mixture is not easy to form clathrate crystals and precipitate when it is clathrated with guest molecules, which increases the stability.

3, What are the commonly used cyclodextrins?

  • In the fields of plant extracts, cosmetics, medicine, fermentation, etc., it is most commonly used to solubilize and disperse. The most widely used is hydroxypropyl β-cyclodextrin. Its price is the most suitable, and it also has different levels (technical level, Daily chemical grade, pharmaceutical grade, injection grade).

4, Which cyclodextrin has the best solubilization effect?

  • The cyclodextrin with the best solubilization effect is methyl-β-cyclodextrin. It can contain most small molecules. It can also be dissolved in organic solvents such as ethanol.

5, What is the safest cyclodextrin?

  • Betadex Sulfobutyl ether sodium (SBECD) is currently the safest cyclodextrin. It is widely used in the solubilization of injection drugs. The currently marketed drugs include: Carfilzomib, Voriconazole and Reid Civir, posaconazole and so on.

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