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Application of betadex sulfobutyl ether sodium in Voriconazole Injection

The original manufacturer of voriconazole injection is Pfizer, and the product name is vfend (Voriconazole) 200mg. It is a freeze-dried powder injection for intravenous injection. The excipient used is sodium sulfobutyl-β cyclodextrin (SBECD). Treats infections caused by yeast or other types of fungi.

Voriconazole is an antifungal drug. Its role is to kill or prevent the growth of the fungus that causes the infection.

It is used to treat the following types of patients (adults and children over 2 years old):

●Invasive Aspergillosis (a fungal infection caused by Aspergillus),

●Candidiasis (another fungal infection caused by Candida) in patients with non-neutropenia (abnormally low white blood cell count),

●Severely invasive Candida fungus is resistant to fluconazole (another antifungal drug),

●Severe fungal infection caused by Scedosporium sp or Fusarium (two different fungal species). It is suitable for patients with worsening condition and even possible life-threatening fungal infections. It can also be used to prevent fungal infections in high-risk bone marrow transplant recipients.

The molar ratio of voriconazole and sulfobutyl beta cyclodextrin is 1:2.6, and the weight ratio is 1:16. Each 200mg voriconazole injection freeze-dried powder injection is equipped with 3200mg sulfobutyl beta cyclodextrin sodium.

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