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Application of cyclodextrin inclusion compound in photochemical and electrochemical sensors

Although cyclodextrin itself does not have photoelectric response properties, cyclodextrin can influence and change the original photoelectric properties of the guest molecules by including guest molecules with photoelectric response properties. In other words, the resulting cyclodextrin inclusion compound often has different photoelectric properties from the guest molecule. It is precisely based on this property that scientists have carried out a lot of work, trying to apply cyclodextrin inclusion compound, a new type of supramolecular material, to the emerging field of organic optoelectronic functional materials.

Organic photoelectric materials have the advantages of adjustable molecular and energy level structure through chemical modification, fast response, easy processing into large-area flexible devices, and low cost and easy availability. Therefore, they have become a new material that is generally concerned by the scientific and industrial circles. Organic optoelectronics has now become an emerging research field where many disciplines such as organic chemistry, physics, information electronics science and materials science intersect each other.

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