Cyclodextrin-assisted brucellosis vaccine

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Cyclodextrin-assisted brucellosis vaccine

The Russian Shchelkovo Biological Joint Company produces more than 1 billion vaccines for ruminants, pigs, poultry, pets and horses each year. It recently submitted a patent application for a subcutaneous vaccine containing β-cyclodextrin (RU2746141 for vertebrate immunization). Methods of producing vaccines against bacteria). The β-cyclodextrin component is used as a stabilizer to maintain the immunogenicity to vertebrate brucellosis, thereby increasing the shelf life of the product. Add 10.0 kg of sucrose, 1.5 kg of edible gelatin, 2.0 kg of β-cyclodextrin, and 1.5 kg of distilled water to 85 kg of Brucella abortus RB-51/AAA strain.

Due to the presence of β-cyclodextrin, the shelf life of the vaccine can be extended to two years compared with the lack of stability of the non-CD control. The increase in the effectiveness of the vaccine prototype is related to the number of stabilizers (including β-cyclodextrin). After two years of storage, the optimized composition still shows 80% effectiveness, while the CD-free vaccine is only 30% effective. Authorities in various countries may have different opinions on the intravenous use of cyclodextrin, but subcutaneous use of β-cyclodextrin derivatives is generally considered to be safer than natural β-cyclodextrin. Sulfabutene-cyclodextrin is present in some marketed veterinary drug compositions (Cerenia and Prevomax).


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