Cyclodextrin is used in mask production

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Cyclodextrin is used in mask production

Hydroxypropyl betadex Cas No.128446-35-5 has been proved that can be used in mask production to enhance the anti-viral effect. According to reports, one of the mask suppliers in the French Public Health Agency, the French startup Bioserenity, announced that it has successfully developed a new type of anti-corona mask with the dual functions of "filtering and decontamination". The president of the company, Marc Frouin, said at the press conference that the newly developed mask uses a layer of material that can "kill the virus" and has the ability to block and kill the aerosol from spreading the virus. 

This new type of mask named "Cidaltex@" was jointly developed by Bioserenity, the University Hospital of Lille, the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM) and the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS). It is reported that this new type of mask is divided into FFP type (which has passed EU certification) and surgical mask (EU certification on February 22), both of which are sub-products, and the recommended wearing time is 4 hours. 

According to Gaetan Gerber, head of BioSerenity's R&D department, the mask has four layers, one of which contains cyclodextrin Cas No.128446-35-5 and quaternary ammonium salts, which can physically and chemically block the virus.

The unique cavity structure of cyclodextrin Cas No.128446-35-5 has a controlled and sustained release, contains active guest molecules, and when combined with a quaternary ammonium salt, it can enhance the antiviral effect.

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