Cyclodextrin may become a "new weapon" against the COVID-19

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Cyclodextrin may become a "new weapon" against the COVID-19

A research team composed of Swiss and British scientists found that sugar molecules modified in the laboratory can kill many viruses. This discovery may be an important progress in fighting the virus. In terms of fighting viruses, the existing methods are often limited in effect, and usually cannot stop the spread of viral infections.

The Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne emphasized that the modified sugar molecules are particularly effective in curbing "viruses that cause respiratory infections and herpes." Also participating in this research are experts from the University of Geneva in Switzerland and the University of Manchester in the UK. The research paper will be published in the American "Science Advances" magazine.

According to the report, so far, most of the agents known to kill viruses through simple contact are usually very toxic to the human body, so they cannot be applied to the treatment of human diseases without causing serious damage. Commonly used antiviral drugs that contain components that are more easily absorbed by the human body can only slow down the development of the virus without completely destroying the virus, but this may cause them to mutate and develop drug resistance, thereby increasing the risk of virus transmission.

According to reports, these researchers have previously used gold to prepare antiviral agents that can destroy viruses, but this time they used similar research methods. This time they used a natural glucose derivative called cyclodextrin.

Samuel Jones, a researcher at the University of Manchester, who participated in the research, said: “This new molecule has many advantages. For example, it is easier to accept by the human body than the gold component, and it is more convenient to use. It does not stimulate the body’s resistance mechanism and does not Toxicity.” The expert added that cyclodextrin has been widely used in the food industry, which will help speed up the process of approving it for drug treatment. Moreover, cyclodextrin is very stable, so it can be made into convenient drugs, such as creams, gels or nasal sprays.

According to the report, these modified sugar molecules can attract viruses and then completely inactivate the virus, instead of simply curbing its growth like many antiviral drugs today.

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