Hydrogel based on cyclodextrin

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Hydrogel based on cyclodextrin

In the field of supramolecular chemistry, the inclusion compound formed based on the interaction of host and guest is an important research content of supramolecular chemistry. This type of inclusion compound is formed by supramolecular assembly of host molecules (cyclodextrin, crown ether, cucurbituril, etc.) and guest molecules (small organic molecules, polymers, metal ions, etc.). The size between the host molecule and the guest molecule Matching, geometric complementation, etc. have an important influence on the formation of complexes. 

In recent years, supramolecular hydrogels based on host-guest complexes have gradually become research hotspots due to their simple preparation, mild conditions, and molecular recognition functions. The amphiphilic structure of cyclodextrin makes it often used as a "host" molecule and many small hydrophobic "guest" molecules to form inclusion compounds through host-guest interactions, which are used in personal care, food chemistry, environmental chemistry, medicinal chemistry, etc. The field has a wide range of applications.


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