India abolishes import tariffs on raw materials of Remdesivir

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India abolishes import tariffs on raw materials of Remdesivir

Since April 2021, India's new crown epidemic has rebounded rapidly and is almost out of control. On April 22, the newly confirmed and dead cases set the highest record since the outbreak of the epidemic. Experts say that this rapid growth shows that the second wave of epidemics spread faster across India. A Fathahudeen, a member of the New Coronavirus Task Force in Kerala, India, said that this surge is not entirely unexpected. The number of daily infections in January this year has fallen from the peak of over 90,000 in September last year. With 20,000 people, India subsequently relaxed its vigilance. Large religious gatherings, the reopening of most public places, and crowded election gatherings are believed to have contributed to the increase in the number of cases. Fasahuddin said that there were warnings in February, but "we did not act in a unified way."

In order to help further control the epidemic and treat infected cases, the Indian government exempted Remdesivir and its raw materials from tariffs on April 20. Remdesivir is mainly used to treat the coronavirus. This move will help increase India Domestic supply and reduce injection costs.

The Indian taxation department said in a notice, “The central government of India believes that it is necessary to do so in the public interest, and hereby exempts all customs duties on redsivir and its raw materials imported into India.”

Items that are exempt from taxation include Remdesivir Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), remdesivir for injection, and cyclodextrin (sulfobutyl beta cyclodextrin sodium, SBECD) used in the manufacture of remdesivir. This import tariff exemption will last until October 31 this year.

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