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Introduction and functional application of cyclodextrin

Commonly used in the fields of medicine and daily chemicals are sodium sulfobutyl beta cyclodextrin, hydroxypropyl beta cyclodextrin, methyl beta cyclodextrin and various cyclodextrin inclusion compounds (cyclodextrin inclusion complexe is a substance is an inclusion body formed by a guest molecule embedded in the cavity structure of a cyclodextrin molecule. It is widely used in the fields of food, medicine and cosmetics.) It mainly plays the following roles:

(1) In the medical field, it can solve the water solubility problem of insoluble or poorly soluble drugs (including plant extracts). Through molecular embedding, the biosolubility of the drug is improved, the release rate of the drug is controlled, the bioavailability of the drug is improved, the stability of the drug is enhanced, and the toxic side effects of the drug are reduced.

(2) In the field of food, it can improve the stability and long-term effect of nutrient molecules, cover or correct the bad smell and taste of food nutrient molecules, improve production technology and product quality, and increase product shelf life.

(3) Used as stabilizer, emulsifier, deodorant, etc. in cosmetic raw materials, it can reduce the irritation of organic molecules in cosmetics to skin and mucous membrane tissues, enhance the stability of effective ingredients, and prevent the volatilization and oxidation of nutrients; The water solubility of soluble flavors and spices; keep the slow release and lasting fragrance.

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