Preparation of cyclodextrin derivatives

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Preparation of cyclodextrin derivatives

In recent years, the research on the host-guest chemistry of cyclodextrin and drug inclusion has made rapid development in the field of supramolecular chemistry. However, the inclusion compound constant of natural cyclodextrin and the guest is relatively low, and the host and guest are prone to de-encapsulation under the condition of dilution of the solution, which results in the natural cyclodextrin being subjected to certain practical applications. limits. Especially the natural beta cyclodextrin has low solubility in water and organic solvents, which limits its application in solution. Therefore, the modification and synthesis of natural cyclodextrin, the search for more water-soluble cyclodextrin derivatives, and the improvement of the physical and chemical properties of natural cyclodextrin have become a research hotspot.

For the preparation of cyclodextrin derivatives, the most widely used method is chemical modification. According to application needs, while keeping the basic skeleton of the cyclodextrin molecular structure unchanged, the hydroxyl, C-0, C—H and other groups are prepared by chemical reactions such as oxidation, esterification, crosslinking and etherification. So far, the modification and synthesis technology of natural cyclodextrin is becoming more and more nature which has greatly enriched the types of cyclodextrin, expanded the application of cyclodextrin in pharmacy, and further promoted the development of cyclodextrin and complex natural about the subject-object chemistry study of drug molecules.

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