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Zhiyuan Cyclodextrin invites you to participate in Shenzhen Personal Care And Homecare Ingredients (PCHi 2021)

Mar. 19, 2021

The 2021 cosmetic raw material industry world premiere (PCHI) will open at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on March 24, 2021. As a gathering place for industry information, the PCHi every year is the vane of the development trend of the beauty industry, and 2021 will be accompanied by a series of changes brought about by the introduction of the "New Regulations" The baptism of the cosmetics industry will bring new opportunities for industry development in the post-epidemic era.


With the theme of "Clean-Created by Nature", PCHi 2021 attracted domestic and international companies such as BASF, DSM, Wacker Chemie, Dow, Huaxi Biological, and Shanghai Jiaye to showcase their latest products and cutting-edge on-site at PCHi 2021. For technological trends, PCHi 2021 will also set up special functional areas such as "Green and Sustainable Development Zone", "New Technology Release Conference", and "New Product Exhibition Area" to bring a brand new and forward-looking exhibition experience to the exhibitors. As a leader in the domestic cyclodextrin industry, Zhiyuan Bio will send an elite team of 10 people led by the general manager to participate in the event. At the exhibition, the company will launch a series of new products for the first time: 40% water-soluble salicylic acid, water-soluble azelaic acid, water-soluble paeonol, cationic cyclodextrin, acetylglutathione inclusion compound, etc. The technical staff also The high water solubility effect of the product will be demonstrated on site, and the usage method of the product will be explained in detail.


Zhiyuan Biological Booth: Hall 1 — 1M09 of the Convention and Exhibition Center. 


In recent years, Shandong Binzhou Zhiyuan Biological Technology Co., Ltd has relied on its own technological advantages and talent advantages, and has cooperated with many well-known domestic universities such as Nankai University and Shandong University. It has entered the cosmetics industry with a high profile, and has developed a variety of alternative cosmetic raw materials with excellent product indicators. For domestic and foreign counterparts, it greatly reduces the production cost of domestic manufacturers and reduces the dependence on foreign products. With the mission of "Exploring the Infinite Application of Cyclodextrin in Human Activities", Zhiyuan Biology helps the innovation and development of the domestic beauty industry.

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