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Beta Cyclodextrin

CAS No.7585-39-9
Beta cyclodextrin is widely used in the separation of organic compounds and for organic synthesis, as well as medical excipients and food additives.

Product Description

Product Description

Beta cyclodextrin

CAS No.:7585-39-9
Molecular formula:C42H70O35
Quality:Pharm grade

Beta-cyclodextrin is made by extracting starch after the action of microbial enzymes. It is made of 7 glucose residues with β-1,4-glycosidic bond combined ring.

Characteristics & Applications:

As a new pharmaceutical excipient, Beta-cyclodextrin  is mainly used to enhance the stability of drugs, prevent oxidation and decomposition of drugs, improve the dissolution and bioavailability of drugs, reduce the toxic and side effects of drugs, and mask the peculiar smell of drugs And smelly. 

In food manufacturing, it is mainly used to eliminate odor, improve the stability of spices, flavors and pigments, and enhance emulsification and moisture resistance. To improve the taste of food, it is a good stabilizer, emulsifier and flavoring agent for the pharmaceutical, food, and chemical manufacturing industries.



Please find attached TDS.



Normal package:20kg/fiber drum.



Preserve inwell-closed containers.Store at room temperature.



1. Can beta cyclodextrin be directly used in pharma and food industry?

Yes, it can be used directly as a pharma or food additive.


2. How long is the expiring date of the product?

Sealed for 2 years.


3. What is the storage condition?

Preserve in well-closed containers. Store at room temperature.

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