Quaternary amino-β-cyclodextrin

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Quaternary amino-β-cyclodextrin

Zhiyuan cationic cyclodextrin has the advantages of cyclodextrin and quaternary ammonium salt groups at the same time, which expands its application range.

Product Description

Product Description

Quaternary amino-β-cyclodextrin 


Molecular diagram

Basic Information:

Chemical name: (2-Hydroxy-3-N,N,N trimethylamino) propyl β-cyclodextrin chloride

Abbreviation: QABCD


Test Standard:




White or almost white powder




 Very soluble in water

Loss on drying


Residue ignition


Heavy Metal





Preserve in well-closed containers.



1. The product is a white solid powder with good water solubility and easy moisture absorption.

2. Cationic cyclodextrin has the advantages of cyclodextrin and quaternary ammonium salt groups at the same time, which expands its application range.



1. Printing and dyeing industry

Quaternary amino-β-cyclodextrin is used for fabric pretreatment in textile printing and dyeing. Using cyclodextrin's special hydrophilic outer wall and hydrophobic cavity structure can improve the hydrophilicity of the fabric surface. In addition, the unique cavity structure of cyclodextrin can clathrate the pigment ink, effectively improving the accuracy of printing and dyeing and the brightness of the color. At the same time, quaternary amino-β-cyclodextrin can be used for the development of functional textiles such as antibacterial, anti-virus, deodorization, and fragrance release by using its cavity characteristics and the positive charge of the cation itself.


2. Pharm field

Use of quaternary amino-beta-cyclodextrin as preservative and penetration enhancer in preparing anti-infective drugs:

Quaternary amino-β-cyclodextrin can be used as a carrier with biological activity or a potential drug to protect cells against oxidative stress.


3. Paper industry

Quaternary amino-β-cyclodextrin in the paper industry, applied to the wet end of papermaking,can be used as retention aid and filter aid. It can remove the soluble colloidal substances produced in the paper making process, and at the same time play a role in curing.


4. Petrochemical industry

The application of quaternary amino-β-cyclodextrin in oil fields has various functions such as slow acid solution, enhanced oil recovery, clay stabilizer, corrosion and scale inhibitor, oil field fungicide, etc.

As slow acid solution: When the acid solution enters the oil layer, the hydrophobic cavity of cyclodextrin is more easily recognized by oil molecules. The acid molecules in the cyclodextrin inclusion compound are replaced by oil molecules, thereby stimulating the release of acid molecules and the formation of free molecules. As the depth of the oil layer increases, actual reservoir conditions such as temperature, pressure, and oil molecular mass will significantly affect the rate at which the cyclodextrin inclusion compound releases guest molecules (acids), thereby effectively adjusting the acid rock reaction rate. In addition to introducing acid molecules into the cavity, cadmium derivatives with quaternary ammonium salt groups on the surface can not only carry acid, but also effectively inhibit clay expansion.

Cationic group in cationic cyclodextrin—quaternary ammonium salt group, quaternary ammonium salt fungicide, as one of the most commonly used and most effective cationic fungicides, has been extensively studied and applied. Quaternary ammonium bactericide has a bactericidal effect, and at the same time can enhance the bactericidal activity of other ingredients, effectively strip the slime, and kill the sulfate-reducing bacteria in the slime.


5. Catalyst

Quaternary amino-beta-cyclodextrin can be used as a phase transfer catalyst to react incompatible two-phase reactants.


6. Sewage treatment

In the treatment of industrial wastewater, quaternary amino-β-cyclodextrin can react and clathrate with electronegative impurities and flocculate. At present, some countries and regions use cationic cyclodextrin and negative polyacrylamide to form an amphoteric flocculant to treat wastewater. At the same time, quaternary amino-β-cyclodextrin can also be used as an effective removal of perfluoro and polyfluoroalkyl substances.


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